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This Amazon tribe lived without the outside world.

19:32 | 07/06/2019

Ricardo Stuckert’s astounding images reminded me of my experiences meeting isolated indigenous people. With living space diminishing, their future is in peril

‘The tribe portrayed in Stuckert’s pictures continue to appear to want to shun the outside world.’ Photograph: Ricardo Stuckert

The remarkable photos taken by Ricardo Stuckert of an uncontacted Amazon tribe reminded me of my own experience with the indigenous people of nearby Peru. “The Nomole are here, they’ve come. The Nomole,” were the hushed whispers I heard outside my tent as I was roused from my dawn slumber. Nomole was a term meaning brothers which I had heard many times in the last few days, at once embracing and familial yet also uttered with apprehensive concern.

With a jolt of adrenaline I pulled on some trousers and stumbled out into the open and jogged to the edge of a riverside bluff and gazed out. As the morning mist rose like steam off the Manu national park forest, 11 matchstick figures had emerged from the foliage and were walking out over a rock-strewn strand some 200m away across the turbulent Upper Madre de Dios river.


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