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‘We WILL rebuild Notre Dame’, French president Macron says

22:28 | 21/04/2019

‘We WILL rebuild Notre Dame’: French president Macron says ‘the worst’ has been prevented as bell towers are saved but inferno reduces much of the medieval cathedral to ashes in just an HOUR

French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild Notre Dame with help from the international community after a devastating fire gutted the famous Catholic cathedral last night.

Speaking just hours after the roof of the 850-year-old building caved in, Macron said a national fundraising campaign to restore the historic building would be launched today, and he called on the world’s ‘greatest talents’ to help.

The French leader credited the ‘courage’ and ‘great professionalism’ of firefighters with sparing Notre Dame’s spectacular Gothic facade and two landmark towers from being destroyed, saying ‘the worst has been avoided’.

But much of the UNESCO World Heritage landmark building was devastated. The 300ft-tall Gothic spire collapsed into the embers early in the blaze to pained cries of ‘Oh my God’ from locals transfixed by the unfolding scene.

‘We have been dealt a knockout blow,’ a grief-stricken Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit said at the scene.



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