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05:16 | 22/04/2019

US-based newspaper Business Insider has made a list of 35 most beautiful natural wonders around the world, in which Viet Nam’s Ha Long Bay claimed a place.

According to the news website, the beauty of Ha Long Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh makes it one of Viet Nam’s top tourist sites. It also recommends that tourists see the UNESCO-recognised site’s awe-inspiring limestone towers by boat.

The bay’s floating mountains and emerald-green waters have been used as the set for films like Kong: Skull Island.

Other Asian natural wonders praised by Business Insider include the Stone Forest, Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park and Tianmen Cave in China, Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Indonesia, and Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea.

Previously, Ha Long Bay was ranked 14th in Business Insider’s list of the 100 most beautiful UNESCO World Heritages in 2018.

Recognised twice by the UNESCO as a global heritage site for its landscape and geological value, Ha Long Bay has become a magnet for visitors. Last year, Quang Ninh Province welcomed 12.3 million visitors, including 5.2 million foreigners, and earned 24 trillion VND (1.03 billion USD) in tourism revenue.


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