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Toilers of the Sea is a novel by Victor Hugo.

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Book I.The History of a Bad Reputation
I. A Word written on a White Page  
II. The Bû de la Rue  
III. For your Wife: when you Marry  
IV. An Unpopular Man  
V. More Suspicious Facts about Gilliatt  
VI. The Dutch Sloop  
VII. A Fit Tenant for a Haunted House  
VIII. The Gild-Holm-‘Ur Seat  
Book II. Mess Lethierry
I. A Troubled Life, but a Quiet Conscience  
II. A Certain Predilection  
III. The Old Sea Language  
IV. One is Vulnerable where one Loves  

Book III. Durande and Déruchette
I. Prattle and Smoke  
II. The Old Story of Utopia  
III. Rantaine  
IV. Continuation of the Story of Utopia  
V. The Devil Boat  
VI. Lethierry’s Exaltation  
VII. The same Godfather and the same Patron Saint  
VIII. “Bonnie Dundee”  
IX. The Man who discovered Rantaine’s Character  
X. Long Yarns  
XI. Matrimonial Prospects  
XII. An Anomaly in the Character of Lethierry  
XIII. Thoughtlessness adds a Grace to Beauty  

Book IV.The Bagpipe
I. Streaks of Fire on the Horizon  
II. The Unknown unfolds itself by Degrees  
III. The Air “Bonnie Dundee” finds an Echo on the Hill  
IV. “A serenade by night may please a lady fair,
But of uncle and of guardian let the troubadour beware.”
Unpublished Comedy
V. A Deserved Success has always its Detractors  
VI. The Sloop Cashmere saves a Shipwrecked Crew  
VII. How an Idler had the Good Fortune to be seen by a Fisherman  

Book V. The Revolver
I. Conversations at the Jean Auberge  
II. Clubin observes Someone  
III. Clubin carries away Something and brings back Nothing  
IV. Pleinmont  
V. The Birds’-nesters  
VI. The Jacressade  
VII. Nocturnal Buyers and Mysterious Sellers  
VIII. A “Cannon” off the Red Ball and the Black  
IX. Useful Information for Persons who expect or fear the Arrival of Letters from beyond Sea  

Book VI. The Drunken Steersman and the Sober Captain
I. The Douvres  
II. An Unexpected Flask of Brandy  
III. Conversations interrupted  
IV. Captain Clubin displays all his great Qualities  
V. Clubin reaches the Crowning-point of Glory  
VI. The Interior of an Abyss suddenly revealed  
VII. An Unexpected Dénouement  

Book VII.
The Danger of Opening a Book at Random

I. The Pearl at the Foot of a Precipice  
II. Much Astonishment on the Western Coast  
III. A Quotation from the Bible  
Book I. The Rock
I. The Place which is difficult to reach, and difficult to leave  
II. A Catalogue of Disasters  
III. Sound; but not Safe  
IV. A Preliminary Survey  
V. A Word upon the Secret Co-operations of the Elements  
VI. A Stable for the Horse  
VII. A Chamber for the Voyager  
VIII. Importunæque Volucres  
IX. The Rock, and how Gilliatt used it  
X. The Forge  
XI. Discovery  
XII. The Interior of an Edifice under the Sea  
XIII. What was seen there; and what perceived dimly  

Book II. The Labour
I. The Resources of one who has nothing  
II. Wherein Shakespeare and Æschylus meet  
III. Gilliatt’s Masterpiece comes to the Rescue of that of Lethierry  
IV. Sub Re  
V. Sub Umbra  
VI. Gilliatt places the Sloop in readiness  
VII. Sudden Danger  
VIII. Movement rather than Progress  
IX. A Slip between Cup and Lip  
X. Sea-warnings  
XI. A Word to the Wise is enough  

Book III.The Struggle
I. Extremes meet  
II. The Ocean Winds  
III. The Noises explained  
IV. Turba Turma  
V. Gilliatt’s Alternatives  
VI. The Combat  

Book IV. Pitfalls in the Way
I. He who is Hungry is not Alone  
II. The Monster  
III. Another Kind of Sea-combat  
IV. Nothing is hidden; Nothing lost  
V. The Fatal Difference between Six Inches and Two Feet  
VI. De Profundis ad Altum  
VII. The Appeal is heard  
Book I. Night and the Moon
I. The Harbour Bell  
II. The Harbour Bell again  

Book II.Gratitude and Despotism
I. Joy surrounded by Tortures  
II. The Leathern Trunk  

Book III.—The Departure of the “Cashmere”
I. The Havelet near the Church  
II. Despair confronts Despair  
III. The Forethought of Self-sacrifice  
IV. For your Wife: when you Marry  
V. The Great Tomb  




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