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Praew Praewwanich won the 1st runner-up of Miss Supranational 2022.

13:13 | 18/07/2022

Praew Praewwanich won the 1st runner-up of Miss Supranational 2022.

Do your best and do your best. Praew-Praewwanicht Ruangthong real beauty queen Won the 1st place Miss Supranational 2022 succeeded in occupying Listen Mswane beautiful girl from south africa grab a big crown Congratulations.

Praew-Praewwanicht Ruangthong
Makes the beauty queen not sleep On the night of July 15 or July 16, 65 at 1:00 (Thailand time) the final round of the global stage contest Miss Supra National 2022 in Krakow, Poland “Praew Praewwanich” Have the intention to do well in every round of the competition. Acts as a representative representative of Thailand’s sash perfectly This year, there are beauties from 69 countries participating in the contest for the title of the year.

in the judging round “Praew Praewwanich” also brought the Thai national costume “Devanari Sriwijaya” to show off the beauty on the stage as well

After that, all 69 beautiful women shuffled their bangs in swimsuits. but continued with the announcement of the 24 finalists, including

Miss Supranational 2022

1.Czech Republic
6.South Africa
13.Trinidad and Tobago
21.Hong Kong

After that, the final 12 names were announced, namely:

Miss Supranational 2022

1. Vietnam
2. Mauritius
3. Czech Republic
4. Indonesia
5. Colombia
6. Venezuela
7. Kenya
8. India
9. Peru
11. South Africa

Followed by a round of answering questions that Why are you fit to be the next Miss Supranational with 30 seconds to answer? Praew replied that “I strongly believe that I can be an inspiration to every woman and every person on the planet who is pursuing their dreams. If I can do it, you can. Don’t give up.”

Praew Praewwanich
After that, the beauties showed off their beauty in evening dresses. Praew Praewwanich” comes with a yellow gold dress, the name of the dress is THE GOLDEN SUNRISE – The Golden Sun by Mr. S Phisanuphong Chanthuan dressing room Prive Couture

This evening dress is inspired by golden light. and the gradation of the rising sun in the morning Corresponds to Praew’s surname, “Ruangthong”, which is the origin of this evening gown around the finals. The upper part is embroidered with the technique of gradation of 5 shades of crystals, blended with crystals. diamond to create dimensions and play the lights on the contest stage The bottom skirt is silk satin in yellow gold. which is the color that Praew chooses to wear

followed by announcing the final 5 people, namely Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and Venezuela.

enter the question-and-answer round with Tonkla-Nipun Kaewruen Mr Supra National 2021 serves as the interpreter on stage.

and enter the announcement of the incumbent Miss Supranational 2022 namely South Africa
First runner up is Praew Praewwanich from Thailand
The 2nd runner up is Vietnam
The 3rd runner up is Indonesia
The 4th runner up is Venezuela

Miss Supranational 2022
Congratulations to all the beauties as well. Very beautiful and well deserved.

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