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Unique costumes of Northwest ethnic minority people

05:14 | 18/06/2022

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Unique costumes of Northwest ethnic minority people

Each ethnic group in the Northwest of Vietnam has its own costume, through which its ethnic group, residence, customs and cultural life can be identified, Cong Thuong reported.

unique costumes of northwest ethnic minority people

Northwestern people’s costumes create a colourful picture.

Simple but delicate, distinctive is what people see in the traditional costume of the Tay. The iconic dress seemingly reveals Tay women’s beauty amidst the green of the Northwest mountain, upholding the simple yet emotional lifestyle.

Tay ethnic minority people’s costumes

The traditional costumes of Thai ethnic women boast unique, attractive cultural patterns. The “Pieu” scarf is the highlight of the outfit. It is considered an indispensable item of Thai ethnic women among their many accessories. It keeps them warm in winter and shields them from the scorching heat in summer, according to VOV.

Thai ethnic minority people’s costumes 


A Thai woman wearing Pieu scraf on her hand (Photo: VOV)
unique costumes of northwest ethnic minority people

          H’Mong ethnic minority people’s costumes

Si La ethnic minority people’s costumes

Meanwhile, the patterns on Mong ethnic people’s costumes are mainly colored blue, red, purple and yellow.

Muong’s traditional costumes are highlighted at the waistband of the dress, with colorful patterns showing the delicate craftsmanship of the weaver, according to Cong Thuong.

                                                  Ha Nhi ethnic minority people’s costumes

Kho Mu ethnic minority people’s costumes

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