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Top 10 beautiful flower gardens you and your family should visit

15:35 | 03/06/2021

One thing is certain that nobody will not like the brilliant colors, softness and sweet scent of beautiful flowers. Flowers are perhaps the most beautiful thing that nature presents to us, a flower that can also make a space become radiant. So with a whole flower garden will surely be brighter. In most countries there are national flower gardens or city gardens that are incredibly beautiful and impressive. In this article, please share with you the most beautiful flower gardens in the world that make you bewitching.

1. Flower Park Hitsujiyama, Japan

Hitsuji-Yama Park is located in Saitama Prefecture and has a total area of 300000 m2. The name is “Hitsuji-yama” which means that the mountains of sheep and reality are also raising sheep.

Hitsujiyama Park has a hill from which you can see the entire Chichibu City. The most famous Hitsuji-Yama Park is from about mid-March to the beginning of May, with the Shibazakura flower. There are nine varieties of Shibazakura flowers with about 400000 trees, mostly pink. The scene is like spreading a giant flower tapestry that will make you feel excited and satisfied.

2.Texas Hill Flower Garden, USA


Texas is also known as the capital of bluebonnet flowers, usually in the middle of 3 months. You can also catch the goats running on the hill with green flowers, or even visit a small café on the hillside you can also enjoy the coffee while enjoying the wonderful view.

3. Flower Garden Park Keukenhof, Netherlands


Keukenhof Garden is the second largest flower garden on the planet, smaller than the Dubai Miracle Garden, but is regarded as the most colourful garden in the world. Keukenhof Garden is the second largest flower garden on the planet, smaller than the Dubai Miracle Garden, but is regarded as the most colourful garden in the world.

Known as the flower Garden of Europe, Keukenhof was redesigning the park by Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul in 1857, creating the foundation for today’s English garden style.

4. Dubai Flower Gardens Miracle Garden, United Arab Emirates


When you arrive here you may be mistaken to stray from the movie “Alice in Wonderland” by the magnificent scenery of the garden. With over 45 million kinds of flowers that are sparkling in the spirit, the Dubai Miracle Garden is truly worthy of the world’s largest garden title. Dubai Miracle Garden is the only flower garden built in the desert. Akar land leader said how to do “Desert blue ” It is best to reuse wastewater to build this beautiful famous park.

Unlike most of the world’s Gardens, Dubai Miracle Garden is closed in summer due to extreme weather conditions. But just fall by, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the fascination of millions of flowers here.

5. Cotswolds Flower Garden, England

To the south of England to see the wild, cherry blossoms and magnolia flowers. The Garden Painswick Rococo, located in the Costwold valley that hides a wild country beauty.

6. Burchart Flower Garden, Canada

Burchart Canada Flower Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Spanning over 22ha wider area on Vancorver Island, Canada. The name Flower Garden is also the owner of the Burchart family couple. The garden is a lifelong enthusiasm and creativity of this couple. Originally the small gardens, gradually expanded and open to visitors. Come here in any season of the year you have flowers to enjoy the exhibition.

7. Kanazawa Flower Garden, Japan


The cherry blossoms are the symbol of the Japanese people, it is particularly blooming only once in early 4 months of the year and only lasts 2 weeks. So if you have a chance to come to Japan you can not visit Kanazawa Garden-a beautiful traditional cherry garden in Japan.

Because winter in Kanazawa, the Ishikawa region is usually cooler than Tokyo and Kyoto, the cherry blossoms are also later blooming and usually the last celebrated Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

8. Hallerbos Flower Garden, Belgium

For those who love green bell flowers, if not to garden Hallerbos once, it is the most regrettable.

Every year, participants flock to the Hallerbos Gardens, located in the Flemish Brant forest. It is precisely a race against time hoping to see the flowers of the green bell bloom in a short span of time.

9. Caceres Flower Garden, Spain

The garden is described as the “most unspoiled medieval town of Europe”. The most beautiful Carceres garden in spring, when the flowers bloom in pure white. Caceres Garden, Extremadura Province has been recognized as World heritage. To visit the garden, you can also see the Lavender field and do not forget to visit Jerte Valley – the famous valley with 2 million cherry trees.

Every year, usually at the end of 3 months, the cherry trees race each other in the valley but in particular it lasts only 10 days. Cherry Blossom Festival is also held in the valley including many interesting activities such as exhibitions, music performances, guided tours to preserve nature.

10. Northumberland Flower Garden, England

Northumberland National Garden is the country’s most remote region in the north of England. It has an area of more than 1,030 km2 lying between the Scottish border to the north and Hadrian’s wall in the south, and it is one of the national gardens with few people who live and the least attended. After the rainy and winter season, the Northumberland Hills begin to glow with millions of red poppy blossoms.

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