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Da Lat gets bedecked in white flowers

21:12 | 12/06/2022

Da Lat gets bedecked in white flowers


The white Bauhinia flowers are attracting a lot of people to Da Lat in January.

The town’s Quang Trung Street is lined by the trees that have shed all their leaves, leaving just the flowers on its branches. Cameras and smartphones are out in force at this time.


The flowers and fruits foreground a corner of the Lam Dong Post Office on Tran Phu Street.


Here, the white blooms are seen against the green canopy of pine trees.

This year, the Bauhinia flowers have joined Da Lat’s famed cherry blossoms.

Sunny blue skies interspersed with white clouds are a great backdrop to the mostly bare branches of a Bauhinia tree in bloom.


Locals say that these trees were planted in Da Lat in 2007 and many have now reached 10-12 m in height.


The flower has five petals with small stamens and usually grows near the tips of the branches. Their nectar attracts many insects.

The flowering branches frame the steeple of the Con Ga Church, an old French architectural vestige on Tran Phu Street.


A couple poses with a Bauhinia tree on Tran Phu Street. The flowers usually bloom from early spring to summer.



A telecom tower at the Lam Dong Post Office seen through the jutting and blooming branches of a Bauhinia tree.



Apart from Da Lat, travelers can enjoy the beauty of the flower in the northwestern part of the country.

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