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Grimm’s Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm: Jacob and Wilhelm, translated into many languages.

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Select language for Grimm’s Fairy Tales:


Grimm’s Fairy Tales

A – B
Aged mother, the (The aged mother) All-kinds-of-fur (Allerleirauh)
Almond tree, (The almond tree) Bearskin
Beam, the (The beam) Blue light, the (The blue light)
Bittern and the hoopoe, the Bremen town musicians, the
Boots of buffalo-leather, the Brides on their trial
Brother Lustig Bright sun brings it to light, the
Brother and sister, the  
Cat and mouse in partnership Cinderella
Clever Else Clever Hans
Crumbs on the table, The Cunning little tailor, The
Death and the goose herder Death of the little hen, The
Death’s messengers Devil and his grandmother, The
Devil with the three golden hairs, The Devil’s sooty brother, The
Ditmarsch tale of wonders, The Doctor Know-all
Domestic servants Donkey cabbages
Donkey, the Drummer, the
Duration of life, the Dog and the sparrow, the
Ear of corn, the Elves, the
Eve’s various children  
Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie Ferdinand the faithful
Four skilful brothers, the Frau Trude
Fox and the cat, the Fox and the horse, the
Fox and the cat, the Frederick and Catherine
Frog king or Iron Henry, the Fundevogel (Bird-foundling)
Flail from heaven, the  
Girl without hands, the Glass coffin, the
Gnome, the God’s food
Godfather Death Godfather, the
Going a-travelling Gold-children, the
Golden bird, the Golden goose, the
Golden key, the Good bargain, the
Goose girl, the Goose-girl at the well, the
Gossip wolf and the fox (The fox and his cousin) Grave-mound, the
Griffin, the  
Hand with the knife, the Hans in luck
Hans my hedgehog Hansel and Gretel
Hare and the hedgehog, the Heavenly wedding, the
Hans married
Hut in the forest. the
Herr Korbes  
I – J
Iron JohnIron stove, the Jew among thorns, the
Jorinda and Joringel  
King Thrushbeard King of the golden mountain, the
King’s son who feared nothing, the Knapsack, the hat, and the horn, the
Knoist and his three sons  
Lambkin and the little fish, the Lazy Harry
Lazy spinner, the Lean Lisa
Little Red Riding Hood Louse and the flea, theSpain
Little folks’ presents, the Litle peasant, the
Lord’s animals and the Devil’s, the  
Maid Maleen Maid of Brakel, the
Master Pfriem (Master Cobbler’s Awl) Moon, the
Master-thief, the
Mouse, the bird, and the sausage, the
Mother Hulda  
Nail, the Nightingale and the Blindworm
Nix of the mill-pond, the  
Odds and ends Old Hildebrand
Old Rinkrank Old Sultan
Old beggar-woman, the Old Fisherman and the Goldfish, the
Old man made young again, the Old woman in the wood, the
One-eye, two-eyes, and three-eyes Our Lady’s Child
Our lady’s little glass Owl,the
Pack of ragamuffins, the Peasant and the devil, the
Peasant in heaven, the Peasant’s wise daughter, the
Pink, the Poor boy in the grave, the
Poor man and the rich man, the Poor miller’s boy and the cat, the
Poverty and humility lead to heaven Princess Mouseskin
Puss in Boots  
 Q – R
Queen bee, the Rapunzel
Rabbit’s bride, the Riddling tale, a
Raven, the Robber bridegroom, the
Riddle, the Rose, the
Roland Rumpelstiltskin
Seven Swabians, the Seven ravens, the
Sharing joy and sorrow Shepherd boy, the
Shoes that were danced to pieces, the Shroud, the
Singing bone, the Singing, springing lark, the
Six servants, the Six soldiers of fortune, the
Six swans, the Skilful huntsman, the
Sleeping Beauty (Little Briar Rose) Snow-White and Rose-Red
Snow-white Sle, the Sparrow and his four children, the
Spindle, the shuttle, and the needle, the Spirit in the glass bottle, the
St. Joseph in the forestStar-money, the
Stolen farthings, the
Stories about snakes Story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was, the
Straw, coal, and bean Strong Hans
Simeli mountain Sweet porridge
Tailor in heaven, the Tale of Cockaigne, the,
Thief and his master, the Three apprentices, the
Three army-surgeons, the Three black princesses, the
Three brothers, the Three children of fortune, the
Three feathers, the Three green twigs, the
Three languages, the Three little birds, the
Three little men in the wood, the Three sluggards, the
Three snake-leaves, the The three spinners
Thumbling as journeyman (Thumbling’s Travels) Tom Thumb
Trusty John Turnip, the
Twelve apostles, the Twelve Brothers, the
Twelve huntsmen, the Two brothers, the
Two kings’ children, the Two travellers, the
True bride, the  
U – V
Ungrateful son, the Valiant little tailor, the
Water of life, the Water-nix, the
Wedding of Mrs. Fox, the White bride and the black one, the
White snake, the Wilful child, the
Willow-wren and the bear, the Willow-wren, the
Wise folks Wise servant, the
Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack Wolf and the fox, the
Wolf and the man, the Wolf and the seven young kids, the
Wonderful musician, the  
Young giant, the  

Select a language for Grimm’s Fairy Tales:
EnglishTIẾNG VIỆT – Vietnamese. Truyện cổ Grimm
GermanDEUTSCH – German Grimms Märchen
Romanian ROMÂNĂ-Romanian Poveşti de Grimm
PortugueseTÜRKİYE – Portuguese Contos de Grimm
Poland POLSKI – Polish                 Baśnie braci Grimm
NEDERLANDS -Dutch Sprookjes van Grimm
ItalianESPAÑOL- Spain             Cuentos de Grimm
Japanese日本語 – Japanese           グリム童話
ITALIANO – Italian     Fiabe dei Grimm
Hungary MAGYAR – Hungarian Grimm meséi
KinesiskDANSK – Danish
Grimms eventyr
SUOMI – Finnish            Grimmin sadut
ItalianTÜRK – Turkish          Grimm Masallar
한국어 – Korean               그림 동화
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