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Decrease Body Fat & Increase Lean Muscle Mass as you Safeguard your Heart with Guilt Free Fast Food
Eat More; Weigh Less; Sleep Better; Be Energized; Feel Terrific; Enjoy Comfortable Sex all in 27 days GUARANTEED

Wayne get started now MangoMan Diet Green with Wayne

Decrease body fat & cellulite; ; reduce wrinkles, sags and loose skin
Be a winner in the winter = You’ll Discover what to do when the scale won’t budge
Lose weight while building lean muscle mass and reversing the ravages of aging all at once
My weight is still going down and have lost 82 lbs to date. I will be in Canada for the month of August and hope to have reached my goal of 100 lbs lost by that time. The friends I will be visiting do not know about the weight loss and it will be a lot of fun when I get off the plane, to see if they recognize me as it has made a tremendous impact on my appearance.

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What makes this so different from everything else that’s on the market? This is not a Diet that you Start and Finish; this is the Healthiest Diet on the Planet where you ENJOY IT FOREVER.

Although it’s called “The Mango Man Diet”, it has very little to do with Mangoes but it was developed by “The Mango Man” and has 400 Deliciously Different RECIPES where you can Eat CARBS and Stay Slim for that Weight that won’t Budge!

The Healthiest People on the Planet

Plus over 130 Life Changing Articles to answer ALL your questions about how to “BEAT YOUR STRESS” and “How to Get Well then Stay Well for Life” where you will learn how to Explore Good Health The Natural Way knowing that Healthy People have lots of Goals and Unhealthy People only have 1 Goal.

Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering, N.D., Sc.M. is an Author, Nutritional Performance Coach, Lifestyle Management Consultant and a Disease Prevention Specialist who teaches people how to be the Healthiest Person ON the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person IN the Grave with a focus on Nutrition and a basic Philosophy, “If you want to be Tough you have to Eat Good Stuff” so you can get Older and Better and not Old and Bitter!

The Mango Man’s prognosis was death at age 30. Now, over 63 years young, Dr. Wayne is an award winning Triathlete and a double nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award. And if you want to see what he looks like now at 63 go to (YOUR AFFILIATE LINK Goes Here)

As a licensed Florida Nutrition Counselor, he improves human performance by sharing several secrets on how to Eat More & Weigh Less in just 27 days … GUARANTEED

His nutrition programs gave been approved for continuing education credits by the Florida and Alabama State Boards of Pharmacy and most recently by the Florida Board of Dentistry and requested by the United Nations Education Council.

He is the founder of the Daytona Beach based Center for Nutrition & Life Management, Inc.

Eat More Weigh Less Guaranteed Keep Your Good Looks


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