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Les Miserables. Victor Hugo

09:08 | 10/07/2022


Volume I. Fantine

Book first.  A just man

Book Second.  The fall

Book third.  In the year 1817

Book fourth. To confide is sometimes to delIVer into a person’s power

Book fifth.  The descent

Book sixth. Javert

Book seventh. The  champmathieu affair

Book eighth. A counter. Blow

Volume II. Cosette

Book first. Waterloo

Book second. The  ship orion

Book third. Accomplishment of the promise made to the dead woman

Book fourth. The  gorbeau hovel

Book fifth. For a black hunt, a mute pack

Book sixth. Le petit. Picpus

Book seventh. Parenthesis

Book eighth. Cemeteries take that which is committed them

Volume III. Marius

Book first. Paris studied in its atom

Book second. The  great bourgeois

Book third. The grandfather and the grandson

Book fourth. The friends of the a b c

Book fifth. The excellence of misfortune

Book sixth.  The conjunction of two stars

Book seventh. Patron minette

Book eighth. The wicked poor man

Volume IV. Saint Denis

Book first. A few pages of history

Book second. Éponine

Book third.  The house in the rue plumet

Book fourth. Succor from below may turn out to be succor from on high

Books fifth.  The end of which does not resemble the beginning

Book sixth.   Little gavroche

Book seventh. Slang

Book eighth. Enchantments and desolations

Book ninth. Whither are they going?

Book tenth. The 5th of june, 1832

Book eleventh. The atom fraternizes with the hurricane

Book twelfth. Corinthe

Book thirteenth. Marius enters the shadow

Book fourteenth. The grandeurs of despair

Book fifteenth. The rue de l’homme armé

Volume V. Jean valjean

Book first. The war between four walls

Book second. The intestine of the leviathan

Book third. Mud but the soul

Book fourth. Javert derailed

Book fifth. Grandson and grandfather

Book sixth. The sleepless night

Book seventh. The last draught from the cup

Book eighth. Fading away of the twilight

Book ninth. Supreme shadow, supreme dawn


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