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Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon in Ha Giang, a thing of beauty

02:48 | 17/06/2022

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Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon in Ha Giang, a thing of beauty


The turquoise waters of the Nho Que flow through Tu San, which stretches 1.7 kilometers with cliffs as tall as 800 meters.

Spanning three communes in Meo Vac District in the border province, the gorge is considered a unique wonder in the Dong Van Rocky Plateau, which formed millions of years ago.

Traveling on the road from the Ma Pi Leng Pass to Ta Lang village in Pai Lung Commune is an unforgettable experience with its winding routes and steep slopes.

The pass runs 20 kilometers (12.7 miles) and is dubbed the “king” of Vietnam’s passes, the Great Wall of Vietnam and the Pyramid of the Hmong.

Negotiating the pass is a tough task even for the most seasoned of travelers.

Ta Lang Village is home to 39 families belonging to ethnic minorities like Giay, Tay and Hmong. They mainly live on fish and shrimp they catch in the Nho Que and rice and corn they harvest once a year.

The Giay grow rice on both sides of the river.

The best time of the year to visit Ha Giang is between September and December when it is both the harvest and buckwheat flower blooming season.

Children collect firewood on a mountain.

The Hmong grow corn to augment their income. Corn plays an important part in the lives of the Hmong as a staple in their diet and livestock feed.

Tourists can take a 30-minute boat ride on the Nho Que River 

There are 23 tourist boats that transport thousands of visitors who come to admire this majestic wonder every year.

“Before the Covid-19 outbreak, this place was crowded with tourists during weekends and holidays. Now we only get tourists traveling in groups to ensure pandemic safety,” Trieu Chuong, a boatman, said.

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions and resultant absence of tourists, many boats remain moored all day.

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