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Quang Binh adds waterfall rappelling to its tourism repertoire

23:01 | 18/06/2022

Quang Binh adds waterfall rappelling to its tourism repertoire


Covering an area of more than 22,000 hectares, the Dong Chau – Khe Nuoc Trong Nature Reserve is located to the west of Le Thuy District, about an hour from Dong Hoi Town, Quang Binh’s capital.

The reserve, home to several waterfalls, remains a pristine tourist destination with no phone signals and no electricity.

Earlier this month, provincial authorities allowed the Netin Travel Company to pilot eco-tourism services inside the reserve for a year.

Quang Binh, home to UNESCO heritage site Phong Nha-Ke Bang and the world’s largest cave Son Doong, is well known the world over for its cave exploration tours.

Authorities are hoping the addition of another adventure sport will lure more tourists to the central province as post-pandemic travel resumes.

The new tour allows visitors to trek in the middle of a primeval old forest, admire its waterfalls and go rappelling down the Duong Cam Waterfall that cascades from a height of 50 meters.

Rappelers are equipped with helmets, ropes and other safety devices before they begin their descent from the top of the waterfall.

Tran Van Nam said it was the first time he was joining such a tour, and found rappelling down the waterfall a great experience.

Another waterfall in the reserve is known as Gate of Heaven.

Truong Minh Quang, deputy head of the Dong Chau – Nuoc Trong Nature Reserve management board, said that this area has many streams and waterfalls and carries great eco-tourism potential.

The trekking tour is about 2 km long. The two current options are a day tour or one that extends for two days and one night. The overnight tour offers the opportunity to camp in the Bai Dan area, which used to be an ammunition collection point during the Vietnam War.

In addition to trekking, visitors can also enjoy swimming in the forest’s waterfalls and streams.

Tran Xuan Cuong, director of the Netin Travel Company, said this area boasts a system of pristine waterfalls and streams, along with primeval forests with rich biodiversity. He said this made it an ideal destination for adventure tours and hoped the new tour would boost for provincial tourism industry.

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