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Picturesque rice terraces of Quang Ngai

13:52 | 16/06/2022

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Picturesque rice terraces of Quang Ngai


In March, rice terraces lining National Highway 24B near the central province’s mountainous district Son Ha turn a lush shade of gold.

Along with the main staple of rice, local farmers cultivate highly profitable areca, the fruit of which commonly sell for VND30,000 ($1.3) per kilogram.

Buffalo are left to graze on stalks following a day of rice harvesting.

As large plowing machinery cannot enter the terraces, farmers rely on buffalo to till their fields.

Golden terraced fields line the Rin River, which cuts through Son Ha District.

About four months ago, these rice terraces reflected a light red, golden brown hue due to the influx of alluvial sediment following heavy rains.

The winter-spring rice crop in Quang Ngai’s mountainous areas were planted at the end of last year.

Farmers across upland areas often employ small mechanical plows to prepare the soil for sowing.

Terraced fields are typically located far from the foot of a mountain to ward off landslides.

Quang Ngai Province has five mountainous districts, including Son Ha, Son Tay, Tra Bong, Ba To, and Minh Long.

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