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Mikhail Lermontov was descended from George Learmont, a Scottish officer who entered the Russian service in the early seventeenth century. His literary fame began with a poem on the death of Pushkin, full of angry invective against the court circles ; for this Lermontov, a Guards officer, was courtmartialled and temorarily transferred to the Caucasus. With the conspicuous exception of The Angel (1831), the best of his poetry was written during the last five years of his life. The Last House-warming (1840), in which he protests against the transfer of Napoleon’s body from St. Helena to the Invalides, is an example of his rhetorical power. He was killed in a duel at the age of twenty-seven.


The Angel

The Beggar

The Captive Knight


The Cross On the Rock

The Dagger

Death Of the Poet

Don’t Trust In Self…

The Dream

The First Of January

Forever You, the Unwashed Russia!

From Goethe


The Grave Of Ossian

He Has Been Born…

I Come Out To the Path…

I Want To Live…

Jewish Melody


My Country

My Home

The Neighbor

No, I’m Not Byron…

No, Not with You…

Not with the Proud Kind Of Beauty

On a Bare Hill’s Top…

The People Of Israel, Cry, Cry!

The Prayer

The Prophecy



The Sail

To A. O. Smirnov

To the Countess Rostopchin

To Naryshkin

To the Picture Of Rembrandt

To the Portrait

To Trubetskoy

To ***

Waves And People

We Stood In the Ranks…

When, in the Cornfield…


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