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17:00 | 17/05/2019

The Ethnic Minority Cultural Festival 2019 kicked off on Friday at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism on the outskirts of Hanoi. 

Traditional musical instruments of the Tay, Thai, and Muong ethnic groups are introduced to visitors at the festival

Addressing the opening ceremony, Pham Van Quyen, deputy head of the Management Board of the Village, highlighted the festival’s contribution to preserving the unique culture of Vietnamese ethnic groups while strengthening their solidarity. The event is a festive occasion for Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups where they can gather and share their cultures with the local people and tourists through workshops and exhibitions.  It is also expected to educate the younger generations about national pride and patriotism, and encourage them to further preserve the diverse cultural values of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. The festival’s opening ceremony featured a wide range of artwork displays and performances of different ethnic groups from across Vietnam.


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