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21:23 | 26/05/2021

Welcome to another extra special Cute Corner! 

For this edition of Cute Corner we decided to put together our favourite pictures of your lovely Labrador hearing dogs having a cuddle with their favourite teddies.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as these pups loved having a snuggle. 

1. To start us off we have the adorable hearing dog puppy Jessie, having a cute cuddle with her teddy.

2. These cuties all sharing the same teddy are just four puppies from the ‘Z litter’. Can we get in there for a cuddle too?

3. Here’s hearing dog puppy Donna having a little nap. Can you spot her teddy?

4. Jessie looks very snoozy here whilst having a hug with Mickey.

5. Hearing dog puppy Solo is so cute – his favourite toy is his little ball.

6. Hearing dog mum Gertie doesn’t need a teddy, she has one of her hearing dog puppies Harley to cuddle. 

7. Ringo loves this so much he took it for a play outside!

8. Here hearing dog sponsor puppy Ned gives us those puppy dog eyes whilst holding his little skunk. Who could resist those?

9. Sidney doesn’t need a teddy when he has his favourite bone to cuddle with. 

10. Hearing dog puppy Ronnie is acting as her best friend Billy’s hot water bottle after his trip to the vets. 

11. We didn’t think a kiss from Bruce could get any more slobbery. But look at those lips! 

12. Is that teddy big enough Rosie?

13. We think some old shoes might not be the comfiest thing to cuddle, but Kosma has other ideas.

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